Test Two

Music video for Test Two, the single from Sono 2: Land of the Redolent.

Tamper Static

Music video for the second single from Endless, Tamper Static.


Music video for the first single from Endless, Statuesque.

Internal Noise: MF Live

Extract from a live performance at VJ London, at Juno in Shoreditch, London.

Shot by L'Aubaine Visuals.

VJ London Showcase

The VJ London showcase is a monthly meetup and performance event for audio visual artists. This is a short glimpse
of our performance there in December 2014 at Juno in Shoreditch, London.

Shot by Jack Martin. Photography by L'Aubaine Visuals.

LUNG Gallery, Bournemouth Fringe

On 4 October 2014 we performed a noisy thirty minute set at Boscombe's LUNG Gallery for Bournemouth Fringe.

Part of OSHA, a four venue exhibition showcasing contemporary installation-based and digital art, the performance was
well received and we're grateful to Tom Daniel-Moon for inviting us along.

Test One

Test One is a music video from the Magnetic Foragers EP, Sono. Released on 20 April 2014, the EP is available to buy
from Bandcamp in digital form and as a limited edition cassette:

Screened at:
Kino London (London, 2014)
Visible Bits, Audible Bytes (Leicester, 2014)
Let The Film Do The Talking (London, 2014)

Moorland Study

An exercise in the documentation of a place, Moorland Study was shot on Croxley Moor near Watford. During an afternoon and evening this seemingly motionless expanse of land came to life as the light changed and the sun went down, in a cycle that must have been repeated countless times yet rarely witnessed in its entirety.

Accustomed to Failure: Live

A live audio visual improvisation. Collapsing buildings, moving light paintings and a bleak but peaceful
seashore complement noisy drones, guitar and auto harp, and abstracted loops reminiscent of church bells.

Shards Cut Softly

Short piece about a nagging sense of doubt. Created with torn paper and light.


A video art piece composed to an improvised live soundtrack played on an autoharp and effects pedals. The video
was made with water, light, and pepper.


The labels we assign to places, objects, events carry so much meaning but only when viewed in context and with
our accumulated knowledge of what they represent. From another perspective, these things are just different
configurations of matter.

Created in 2010, Configurations: "Dad's Garage"/"The San Francisco Fire" was the collaborative piece of work which
led to Magnetic Foragers being formed. The soundtrack is credited to Lone Void, a recording alias of James Allard.

Screened at Sydenham Arts Festival 2011, London.