Magnetic Foragers

London-based duo Magnetic Foragers create brooding experimental compositions of noise and abstract visuals, often involving themes of transformation, dreams, elusive memories and confused visions of beauty.

Layers of sonic and visual textures are punctuated by melody, rhythm and representational images, in immersive improvised performances, short films and video art pieces from sound and video artists James Allard and Tom Brown.

They have performed at various events around the UK including festivals Splice and In the Woods. Following a debut visual album Field Studies in 2013 and the 2014's EP Sono, Magnetic Foragers released Endless, a looping album, in 2018.

James Allard

A graduate of Brighton University's Fine Art Painting BA course, James Allard has been composing music, creating experimental soundscapes and making noise since 2003. His audio and visual work generally explores questions arising from the influence of places and surroundings upon the individual.

James produces music as Absent Asch.

Tom Brown

Tom Brown is a motion designer. Heavily influenced and inspired by music, he has created live visuals for contemporary and classical musicians and composers.

Since leaving video art production company The Gray Circle, Tom has created video installations and live performances including contributions to multidisciplinary shows with composing/directing duo Efthymiou and band The Cabinet of Living Cinema.